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We will be vaccinated

We can do it together!

Viera Szijártová

Nurse in the pulmonary department

The vaccine is a way

Health is the greatest value.

And since I love my family, I would do anything to protect myself and my loved ones. If vaccination is to be the option, and yes, I am convinced it is the right way, I will definitely choose it.

The gravity of the current situation robs us of the opportunity to meet with our acquaintances, friends, family. And thus we lose a lot of experiences, memories and precious moments that will never return. It is important to realize that vaccine is the solution. It is fully paid for and all we have to do is participate in the vaccination process. The sooner we get vaccinated, the sooner will our lives return to the old ways and we will not be afraid of a handshake or a hug.

During my medical practice, I experienced and survived various situations, both serious and happy. But the current situation is extremely exhausting and frustrating. Health workers too are only human beings - they perceive and feel in the same way. Each of us has our limits, whether they are of physical, psychological, or emotional nature. It is important not to think just about ourselves; together we should contribute to managing and calming the Covid-19 situation.

Like I said, vaccination is the way and represents the solution. As it is written on our hospital building: "Together, we can do it".

Everyone has to decide for themselves, but it will help everyone.

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Fotka - Viera Szijártová

Vaccine is freedom