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We will be vaccinated

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Renáta Názlerová

Director of Pod Karpatmi Social Services Center in Pezinok

The vaccine is hope for our seniors to live longer lives

The vaccine is hope for life. Especially for seniors and people with serious diagnoses that I come into contact with on daily basis. For people who rely on permanent assistance. Last year, they have spent eight months out of twelve in strict isolation from the outside world.

This year have begun with nothing more than a continuation of this painful restriction, deprivation of personal contact with family and people they love. Isolation from any outside world is psychologically challenging. It seems that more than 95 percent of our 116 clients will be vaccinated.

Why? Because they want to live! And enjoy life again. And us, the staff working at the center of social services, pull in the same direction in this case. Because it is time to start giving and receiving hugs again, and go to the town to have some coffee.

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Vaccine is freedom