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Dávid Králik

Distance Teacher 2020

The vaccine is an education we want for our students

Some may think, that Mr. Králik, who won the tittle "The Best Distance Teacher" is the last person to complain about on-line education. You know, I discovered endless opportunities and inspirations in the on-line world. But I also missed something. A DROP of humanity without which it just does not seem quite right. It is not my job to decide what others say, do or believe in. I can only decide on what I say, do or believe in. Yes I believe that the vaccine is currently the best solution to defeat corona, so I will be vaccinated as soon as I get my turn. What others do is their story. Let them live it and take responsibility for it. But I will live my own, because that is the only thing I am fully responsible for. Vaccine is education!

If the Sputnik V vaccine is not approved by the European Medicines Agency, personally, I will not be vaccinated with it. Everyone else has got a free choice.

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Vaccine is freedom