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Danka Barteková

Sport shooter and ex officio member of the International Olympic Committee

The vaccine is a step towards victory over the pandemic

I understand that for many, the vaccine is currently a controversial topic.
However, I am convinced about the issue of vaccination. I will get vaccinated. Why?

Because I want to act responsibly towards myself and my health. Because of sports
I travel a lot, I meet a lot of people and I'm never sure I will
not get infected with the virus, despite following all the recommendations and
safety measures.

I don't want to take unnecessary risks. However, I will also get vaccinated
for another reason. I also want to consider all the people I deal with on
a daily basis, for whom I may pose a risk and inadvertently endanger their
health or even life.

I believe in science, research, experts and scientists who have made superhuman
efforts to help the world win the pandemic in the shortest time
possible. In the sports world, they would get a medal or a cup
for the winners, not hate... And while we're on the subject of the sport…

In July, I will travel to Japan for the Olympics to represent ours
country. And thanks to the vaccine, it will be without the risk of endangering myself,
or the people of Japan, who will welcome athletes and teams from all over
the world without fear. The vaccine is not just freedom. It is a step closer to
victory over the pandemic.

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Vaccine is freedom